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Table 3 Students’ Self-reported perceptions of online assessment practices during COVID-19

From: Assessment in ‘survival mode’: student and faculty perceptions of online assessment practices in HE during Covid-19 pandemic

Question Response (n = 547)
(1) There was a change in assessment practices in one or more subjects
 Yes 64.8%
 No 9.2%
 Some 19.7%
 Don’t know 6%
(2) If there was a change in assessment practices, the nature of this change wasa
 Change in grade division only 88.5%
 Change from paper-based to Computer Based Tests (CBTs) 60.8%
 Change in the nature of assessment itself 42.7%
 No noticeable change 3.6%
(3) If there was a change in assessment practices, as a student, I felt that it was
 In my favor and lightened the workload 18%
 In my favor, but increased the workload 41.2%
 Not in my favor, as workload increased & grades affected negatively 30.7%
 Neutral/ no opinion 10%
(4) If there were practical subjects (such as labs, studios, etc.) the assessment was
 Fully theoretical via homework & quizzes 29.6
 Practical via virtual classrooms/ online 28.5
 Cancelled/ postponed 7.7
 Had no practical subjects 30.9%
 Other (open-ended) 3.3%
(5) Subjects requiring direct interaction between student & teacher (such as speaking/ reading in language learning), the assessment was
 Carried out synchronously/ Online via Blackboard®, Zoom, etc. 48.7%
 Cancelled/ replaced 10.6%
 I didn’t have any such subjects this term 40.8%
(6) Regarding online assessment (synchronous and asynchronous), my opinion of it was
 Better because I was home and felt comfortable (less stressed than exam hall) 45.2%
 Worse because of distractions, unlike in an orderly exam hall 23.2%
 Worse because of technical issues at home (devices and internet) 17.7%
 Worse because of my lacking technical skills or knowledge 11%
 No difference 11.9%
(7) I felt that student assessment practices during the crisis, compared to pre-crisis, were
 More lenient with students 30.8%
 Stricter with students 33.8%
 No difference 14.1%
 Not sure/ I don’t now 16.5%
 My first semester, so I cannot compare 4.8%
(8) In my opinion, the best solution to assessment during the crisis was to
 Use semester 1 grades 12.1%
 Continue with the same grade division (of the MoE) 31.3%
 Not count semester 2 in the GPA, just get pass or fail 23.2%
 No opinion 23.2%
 Other (open-ended) 10.2%
(9) Personally, I found the changes to assessment practices during the crisis
 Positive and will improve my GPA 45.5%
 Negative and will lower my GPA 16%
 No change to my GPA 13%
 I’m not sure yet 25.6%
(10) The new assessment practices (online) had a psychological effect on me as a student
 Negative effect (anxiety/ fear of tests) 56.8%
 Positive (no anxiety/ fear of tests) 25.6%
 No noticeable effect 17.7%
(11) There were ample opportunities for cheating on exams this semester
 Yes 20.9%
 No 48.1%
 Not many 31%
(12) When it came to cheating online, I
 Cheated in all assessments 3.4%
 Cheated in some assessments 15%
 Cheated in one assessment only 16.1%
 Didn’t cheat in any assessment 65.5%
(13) If I cheated, it was because of (n = 217)
 Ease of cheating online 18.9%
 Difficulty of understanding lessons online 20.3%
 No time to study 6.4%
 Not in the mood to study 3.2%
 Fear of failing subjects 10.6%
 General anxiety of situation 18%
 Other (open-ended) 12.9%
(14) In my opinion, the most common method of cheating among students was
 WhatsApp 27.4%
 Internet 6%
 Phone 1.6%
 Identity impersonation 3.1%
 I don’t know 57%
 Other (open-ended) 4.9%
(15) Finally: in general, the online learning experience at KAU during the covid19 crisis/ lockdown was in my opinion
 Successful overall despite the challenges 47%
 Unsuccessful despite some positives 11.9%
 Equally positive and negative 32.7%
 No opinion 4.7%
 Other (open-ended) 3.7%
  1. aMore than one option could be chosen