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Table 2 Questions from the student survey analysed in the paper

From: Students’ awareness of the academic integrity policy at a Latvian university

Topic and questions Type of question
Familiarity with the concept of academic integrity
 Q_S_1: How familiar are you with the concept of academic integrity? Single-answer multiple choice (4 options)
Student awareness of the university policy on academic integrity
 Q_S_2: Did you notice a statement about academic integrity in your study agreement? Yes/No
 Q_S_3: Which of the items given below have you heard exist/are defined/are used in the university? Multiple-answer multiple choice (7 options)
 Q_S_4: Which of the items given below do you know how to access or find? Multiple-answer multiple choice (4 options)
 Q_S_5: How much of each of the documents mentioned below have you read? Likert scale (4 items)
 Q_S_6: What are other ways you have been informed and educated about academic integrity since starting your studies at RTU? Multiple-answer multiple choice (12 options)
 Q_S_7: In your opinion, could the record of an academic breach in your student file have consequences for your further professional activity or studies? Single-answer multiple choice (3 options)
 Q_S_8: To what extent do you agree with each of the statements related to awareness of the university policy on academic integrity? Likert scale (4 items)
Student understanding of and attitude towards academic integrity
 Q_S_9: To what extent do you accept each of the academic breaches given below? Likert scale (13 items)
 Q_S_10: How essential is maintaining academic integrity for the various groups of the academic community? Likert scale (6 items)
 Q_S_11: What is the extent of the impact of academic integrity on your life or professional activity outside the university? Likert item