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Table 3 July 2019: Have the websites of essay mills changed sufficiently to match the rulings of the ASA

From: Are essay mills committing fraud? A further analysis of their behaviours vs the 2006 fraud act (UK)

Key Issues Addressed by ASA in their three rulingsPercentage of Essay Mills which have been researched who may not comply with the spirit and intention of the ASA rulings.
Ad was misleading because they believed it did not make sufficiently clear the risks associated with submitting purchased essays76%
The references to the press coverage that UK Essays misleadingly implied that they had received positive coverage or endorsement from those press outlets.12%
Grade guarantee was misleading as it was not the case that any grade bought could be guaranteed.48%
Must ensure that they do not misleadingly imply that almost all of their writers had studied or taught at specific universities.8%