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Table 1 July 2016: Questions asked of the different websites and the number/percentage of sites for which the answered was considered to be ‘yes’

From: Are essay mills committing fraud? A further analysis of their behaviours vs the 2006 fraud act (UK)

Question# sites%
Is there a disclaimer of liability in respect of use?1652
Are there contractual terms and conditions relating to use?31100
Are customers able to specify the quality (grade) of the work)?2065
Is the Intellectual Property in the work retained by the company?1548
Does the work come with a ‘plagiarism-free’ guarantee?31100
Does the site state that the products are to be used for ‘research’ only?31100
Does the site offer ‘qualified’ or ‘expert’ writers?31100
Is the advertising potentially misleading (compared to disclaimer/terms + conditions)?831