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Table 3 Table with topics

From: Collaborative case-based learning process in research ethics

Topic Sub-topics (code) Sub-topics explained Cases with the topic
BEN - Benefit BEN_who Who will/should benefit C2
CC - Codes of conduct CC_knowledge Knowledge of the codes of conduct C1
CI - Conflict of interest CI_knowing_reviewer Conflict of interests - knowing the reviewer C4
CI_steps How to notify of the conflict of interest
DA - Data analysis DA_transparency Data analysis transparency C2
DM - Data management DM_format_copy Data format and copy C1, C2, C5
DM_how_much_data How much data is needed
DM_knowledge Knowledge of DMP
DM_length Data storage length
DM_open_access Is data openly accessible
DM_ownership Data ownership
DM_plan Data management plan
DM_quality How to ensure data quality
DM_safe_collection Data safe collection
DM_storage Data storage
DM_structure What is the structure of data
ER - Ethics review and special requirements ER_application Ethics review application procedure C1, C2
ER_need Need for ethics review
IC - Informed consent IC_procedure Procedure for the informed consent C2
IM - Impact of research IM_evaluate_impact Evaluating the impact C1
MIS - Misconduct MIS_alone_help Deal with misconduct alone or seek help C3, C4
MIS_confrontation Confront the violator
MIS_procedure Procedure of action in case of misconduct
MIS_republishing Would you republish the same article
MIS_resubmitting_minor_changes Would you resubmit the manuscript with minor changes
MIS_steps What steps would you take in case of misconduct
NR - Negative results NR_procedure What is the procedure to notify of negative results C4
NR_relevance What s the relevance of publishing negative results
OB - Observation/method OB_issues Observation issues C2
PUB - Publishing PUB_author Who can be the author C3, C4
PUB_authorship_claim Who can claim authorship
PUB_requirements What are publishers’ requirements
PUB_reviewing Reviewing manuscripts
RH - Risks and harm RH_minimise How to minimise risks and harm C1
TR - Treating collaborators TR_others Treating others - partners and participants C1