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Table 4 Academic integrity documents analysed by UDL features of comprehension

From: Examining and improving inclusive practice in institutional academic integrity policies, procedures, teaching and support

UDL feature of Comprehension 1. Activate or supply background knowledge 2. Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas and relationships 3. Guide information processing and visualisation 4. Maximise transfer and generalisation
1.Letter to request students’ attend investigative interview Contains links to documents 3 and 4, but not 2 Highlights the investigator’s time limitations in bold Is organised in paragraphs
Contains links to documents 3 and 4
Does not have an explanation of what student is alleged to have done
Contains links to documents 3 and 4
Offers to answer emails
2.Definitions of cheating Contains introduction paragraph with warnings of being expelled or losing degree
Contains link to document 3 but not 4
Presents in bold the name of each breach. States that the Library has a leaflet but no link. Student Conduct Regulations are mentioned but link is in another part of this document Presents title in large black box like document 3
Different definitions are listed with Roman numerals
Uses legal terms
Contains some repetition
Contains links to UK academic integrity charter – broader network (not mentioned elsewhere)
3.Academic conduct procedure Includes an introduction of one page with 7 points. Does not contain any links to other documents Lists policy details with subheadings of introduction, general approach, breaches, penalties, starting procedure, interview, conduct committee, appeal, procedural matters, appendix Presents title in large black box like document 2
Different parts of procedure are listed with ordinary numbers
Document consists of 12 pages
Contains link to Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
(not mentioned elsewhere)
4.Academic integrity advice Contains link to document 2 but not 3 Document is organised in blocks with ‘our top tips’. Contains some links to further study guidance by the same team Document is set out with bold titles; categories do not match definitions of cheating fully, or procedure (documents 2 and 3) Contains link to the Support team who created this document and advice about how to contact them