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Table 1 Student Participant Demographic Information

From: Moving from plagiarism police to integrity coaches: assisting novice students in understanding the relationship between research and ownership

Student Participants Native Language Additional Languages Country of Origin Major
Ruby Urdu English, Arabic Pakistan Psychology
Elona English Hindi India Computer Engineering
Muellera English Hindi India Computer Engineering
Zamir Arabic English Iraq Civil Engineering
Agatha English Hindi, Malayalam India International Studies
Tea English French, Malayalam India Chemical Engineering
Malara Malayalam English India Psychology
Sabihaa Arabic English Palestine Industrial Engineering
Abigail English Hindi, Konkani India Physics
Bilbo Bangla English Bangladesh Chemical Engineering
Talida Arabic English Egypt Design Management
Inspira Malayalam English, Hindi India Biology
Imaamka Somali English, Arabic Somalia Civil Engineering
Cayde Arabic English, Japanese Comoros Computer Science
Jade English Arabic Jordan Design Management
Maddia Arabic English, French Lebanon Design Management
Rima Arabic English Syria Civil Engineering
Mishoo Arabic English Egypt Civil Engineering
  1. aStudents who gave consent to be interviewed