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Table 4 Themes from Student Qualitative Data

From: Assessment in ‘survival mode’: student and faculty perceptions of online assessment practices in HE during Covid-19 pandemic

# Statement/Question Theme(s) # of Mentions
Q4 Change in assessment practices in skill-based/applied or interactional subjects No change/no such subjects 7
Nature of the change 6
Q8 Best solution to assessment during the crisis Grades/GPA 27
Teacher-related (help/leniency) 7
Exams 6
MoE’s decisions 5
Q12 Reasons for cheating (or not cheating) Religion (no cheating) 7
Exam time limit 6
Difficulty of cheating online 5
Type/features of exam 4
Combination of reasons 2
Stress & anxiety 1
Ease of tests 1
Ability to cheat 1
Teacher complacency 1
Necessity/self-preservation 1
Q14 Most common method of cheating among students Combination of methods 4
Reference to textbook 3
WhatsApp and internet 3
Q15 Overall online learning experience during the crisis Negative (faculty/anxiety/cheating & inequality/grades/connection problems/no well-being considerations/unclarity & confusion/communication) 7
Positive (could be developed into something permanent/no need for physical attendance/ease of attending lectures) 5
Both positive & negative aspects (especially negative for Preparatory Year Program students) 4