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Table 3 Value created by the CoP across the stages of its lifespan

From: A community of practice approach to enhancing academic integrity policy translation: a case study

Stages of the Academic Integrity CoPb Cycles of the value creation frameworka
Cycle 1 Immediate value: Activities and interactions Cycle 2 Potential value: Knowledge capital Cycle 3 Applied value: Changes in practice Cycle 4 Realised value: Performance improvement Cycle 5 Reframing value: Redefining success
Stage 1: Potential 2014-2015   
Stage 2: Coalescing 2015-2016   
Stage 3: Active 2016-2017   
Stage 4: Dispersed 2018-2019  
Stage 3: Active (Revisited) 2020-2021
Stage 5: Dormant 2021   
  1. aAdapted from the value creation framework (Wenger et al. 2011)
  2. bAdapted from the lifecycle of a community (Wenger et al. 2002)