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Table 1 Stages of CoP Development (adapted from Wenger et al. 2002)

From: A community of practice approach to enhancing academic integrity policy translation: a case study

Stages Description Key activities
Stage 1: Potential People face similar situations with the benefit of a shared practice Finding each other and discovering commonalities
Stage 2: Coalescing Members come together and discover their potential Exploring connectedness, defining joint enterprise, negotiating community
Stage 3: Active Members engage in developing a practice Engaging in joint activities, creating artifacts, adapting to changed circumstances, renewing interest, commitment and relationships
Stage 4: Dispersed Members no longer engage very intensely but the community is still alive as a force and a centre of knowledge Staying in touch, holding reunions, calling for advice
Stage 5: Dormant The community is no longer central but people still remember it as a significant part of their identities [and practice] Telling stories, preserving artifacts, collecting memorabilia