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Table 3 The key differences between morals and ethicsa

From: Assisting you to advance with ethics in research: an introduction to ethical governance and application procedures

Basis for comparison Morals Ethics
Meaning Morals are the beliefs of the individual or group as to what is right or wrong. Ethics are the guiding principles, which help the individual or group to decide what is good or bad.
What it is General principles set by group Response to a specific situation
Root word Mos which means custom Ethikos which means character
Governed by Social and cultural norms Individual or Legal and Professional norms
Deals with Principles of right and wrong Right and wrong conduct
Applicability in Business No Yes
Consistency Morals may differ from society to society and culture to culture. Ethics are generally uniform.
Expression Morals are expressed in the form of general rules and statements. Ethics are abstract.
Freedom to think and choose No Yes
  1. atable is reproduced from Surbhi (2015)