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Table 1 Potential laboratory based misconduct

From: Unethical practices within medical research and publication – An exploratory study

Misconduct Details Individuals involved
Replicates without bordersa Constantly repeating experiments until the data becomes statistical significance PhD students
Confirmed negative controlsa The use of a neutral substance that is known to have no effects in the experiment to ensure negative results. PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers
Universal Positive controla Reusing previously produced positive control for new experiments PhD students, Post-doctoral researchers and academics
Ghost repeatsa Using results from the same experiment as results of repeated experiments. PhD students
Data mininga Stealing others’ ideas/data stored in laboratory computers Post-doctoral researchers
Image manipulation Manipulating images to suit the hypothesis (or to show significance) PhD students and post-doctoral researchers
Selective usagea Ignoring data/information that would reduce significance (or disprove hypothesis) PhD students
Ignoring contamination Purposely ignoring contamination as the data effectively proves the hypothesis PhD students
Not following health & safety (H&S) regulations Failing to carry out H&S checks, avoid producing own H&S data sheets and/or using the data sheets produced by others (without understanding the risk or aversion measures) PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and academics/PIs
  1. aIndicates the common nick names provided by the laboratory staff for the acts provided