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Table 7 Rotated matrix of the factor analysis for the questions related with workplace and personal ethical behaviour

From: Impact of academic integrity on workplace ethical behaviour

Question Workplace Personal
bb. I use company resources for personal reasons. 0.867  
t.I evade taxes. 0.860  
aa. I treat collaborators or work peers incorrectly or abuse verbally (make rude, insulting or shameful comments). 0.857  
ii. I reveal confidential information to unauthorized persons. 0.845  
n.I distort information in reports or presentations to make them seem they had a better performance. 0.825  
y.I give bribes or kickbacks to obtain benefits. 0.811  
f.I call in sick without being so, as an excuse to be absent to work. 0.810  
gg. I make up excuses to avoid meeting my work and responsibilities. 0.800  
ss. I blame others of my own failures or actions. 0.796  
tt. I do things even when I think they are incorrect only not to have a bad image in the eyes of others. 0.793  
s.I consume piracy products. 0.788  
u.I get in line (skip places). 0.778  
z.I speak badly of others. 0.734  
m.I do things just to look good. 0.728  
hh. I waste time during the work day. 0.722  
e.I use unethical strategies to achieve my objectives. 0.717  
nn. I feel bad for other people’s assets, qualities or achievements. 0.705  
o.I think the end justifies the means. 0.697  
d.I use my position or the information I have to obtain personal benefits. 0.615  
uu. I remain silent before others’ faults and cheating because of fear for reprisals. 0.571  
j.My behaviour is congruent with my beliefs.   0.819
ee. I assume consequences for my decisions and actions.   0.816
r.I try to ensure that each person is treated fairly, even if is someone that I do not know.   0.814
g.I say the truth.   0.797
q.I give other’s work credit.   0.788
ff. I am persistent to / until reaching my goals.   0.780
x.I treat others with respect.   0.779
c.People trust me.   0.764
k.I recognize my qualities and defects.   0.757
h.It’s easy for me to tell the truth.   0.741
a.I keep promises.   0.727
cc. I accept my mistakes and rectify.   0.720
p.I return what is not mine.   0.710
dd. I analyze prudently the possible consequences of the different alternatives for action before making a decision.   0.708
ll. I perform actions seeking the good of others.   0.707
l.Being honest is more important than my personal interests.   0.695
i.I express what I think and feel without keeping up appearances.   0.668
b.Secrets and information are kept confidential.   0.602