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Table 5 Rotated matrix of the factor analysis for the questions about frequency of the misconduct or academic dishonesty is considered

From: Impact of academic integrity on workplace ethical behaviour

Question Cheating in general Copying in any form Falsifying information Using unauthorized support Plagiarizing or paraphrasing without citing
j.My behavior is congruent with my beliefs. 0.836     
g.I say the truth. 0.812     
k.I recognize my qualities and defects. 0.780     
h.It’s easy for me to tell the truth. 0.755     
r.I try to ensure that each person is treated fairly, even if is someone that I do not know. 0.727     
i.I express what I think and feel without keeping up appearances. 0.724     
a.I keep promises. 0.714     
ff. I am persistent to / until reaching my goals. 0.698     
c.People trust me. 0.689     
cc. I accept my mistakes and rectify. 0.654     
pp. I trust my ability and my own talents. 0.651     
l.Being honest is more important than my personal interests. 0.620     
t.I evade taxes.   0.813    
y.I give bribes or kickbacks to obtain benefits.   0.785    
u.I get in line (skip places).   0.770    
s.I consume piracy products.   0.751    
m.I do things just to look good.   0.751    
o.I think the end justifies the means.   0.737    
nn. I feel bad for other people’s assets, qualities or achievements.   0.732    
z.I speak badly of others.   0.702    
mm. I seek my own benefit before others.   0.676    
oo. I dedicate time only to the things that interest me.   0.667    
kk. I strive to recognize the needs of others.    0.732   
jj. I do favors for others.    0.705   
ll. I perform actions seeking the good of others.    0.629   
v.When driving, I respect speed limits.     0.659  
w.I comply with the laws that govern my country.     0.641  
x.I treat others with respect.     0.434  
ee. I assume consequences for my decisions and actions.     0.363  
p.I return what is not mine.     0.329  
qq. I report dishonest actions.      0.763
rr. I do what I must do even when facing adverse circumstances.      0.566
dd. I analyze prudently the possible consequences of the different alternatives for action before making a decision.      0.375