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Table 4 Results between academic dishonesty and ethical behaviour

From: Impact of academic integrity on workplace ethical behaviour

 Workplace Ethical BehaviourPersonal Ethical Behaviour
Frequency - Cheating in general−0.094− 0.0600.3330.091−0.240− 0.1610.0100.074
Frequency - Copying in any way−0.075−0.0510.387−0.028−0.0210.731
Frequency - Falsifying information−0.029−0.0210.733−0.158−0.1230.051
Frequency - Using unauthorized support−0.011−0.0100.872−0.028−0.0290.649
Frequency - Plagiarizing or paraphrasing without citing−0.040−0.0380.541−0.124−0.1250.047
Severity - Cheating in general0.3100.3220.0000.2090.2290.000
Severity - Plagiarizing, copying and paraphrasing without citing−0.045−0.0450.4550.0090.0090.879
Severity - Using unauthorized support−0.080−0.0860.1790.0290.0340.602
  1. CNE Non-standardized coefficients, CE Standardized coefficients, Sig. Significance, R2 Adjusted R squared