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Table 2 Results between frequency variables of academic dishonesty and ethical behaviour

From: Impact of academic integrity on workplace ethical behaviour

 Workplace Ethical BehaviourPersonal Ethical Behaviour
Cheating in general−0.153−0.1490.0010.034−0.204−0.1980.0000.090
Copying in any way−0.112−0.1020.026−0.148−0.1350.002
Falsifying information−0.058−0.0580.206−0.148−0.1480.001
Using unauthorized support0.0420.0410.370−0.022− 0.0220.624
Plagiarizing or paraphrasing without citing−0.071−0.0680.133−0.123−0.1190.007
  1. CNE Non-standardized coefficients, CE Standardized coefficients, Sig. Significance, R2 Adjusted R squared
  2. Source: Created by the authors