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Table 4 Prevalence of cheating

From: Perceived seriousness of academic cheating behaviors among undergraduate students: an Ethiopian experience

Cheating behaviors Cheated at least once (%
1. Doing less than your fair share of work on a group project. 83.27
2. Copying from a nearby student during a quiz, test, or exam. 88.98
3. Using text messaging to get/send answers on test. 16.33
4. Allowing someone to copy your answers during a test or examination. 93.06
5. Taking crib notes (unauthorized by a teacher) to an exam/test halls. 86.94
6. Working on an assignment in group when individual work is assigned. 86.12
7. Writing on the hands, chairs, walls of exam halls etc. 88.98
8. Doing other students’ coursework/assignment for them. 93.47
9. Copying homework from another student. 84.49
10. Whispering the answers to friends during an examination. 91.02
11. Allowing own coursework/assignment to be copied by another student. 81.22
Average 81.26