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Table 5 Themes, subthemes, codes and student responses

From: Academic integrity and the implementation of the honour code in the clinical training of undergraduate dental students

Subtheme Coding
Sample Student Responses
Honesty Goodness
These sessions have made me want to be honest and true and give future patients all the required treatment needed to help maintain in practice good oral hygiene and not cause then any harm.
To not do any mischief.
Honesty is a big part of the Honour Code.
Integrity as a person.
Trust Faith It allows me to realize that these patients are human being like me and that they place a lot of trust in you the clinician to treat them.
Fairness Justice Most of us assume that we know right from wrong and this is probably true in most cases however there are some instances when right and wrong are not so clearly differentiated.
Respectful Pride
These sessions mould me into the type of dentist that I truly hope I become 1 day. A dentist who has a respectful and honest character.
Sets pride for you within your profession
Responsibility Obligation
The scenarios put for today really guided my thoughts down the right path.
It is my duty to help educate and treat then accordingly.
It helps inform someone who is new and now entering into the clinic the different guidelines they need to follow.
It is a big step.
It is necessary.
Something to follow.
To be the best professional
A form of responsibility
Something to stand by.
It is a promise you make every day.
Revelation Reflective
It did expose me to situations that I didn’t put much thought into on how to solve effectively.
The class brought situations to life and some of my opinions changed.
It is an eyeopener.
On your toes.
Just makes me more vigilant about certain situations.
Moral Code Promise
Good behaviour Guidance
We were told that there were no “black” and “white” answers to questions. The answer was really up to the individual and their beliefs and values.
It is very personal
It is a signed contract.
Pledge to live by.
It establishes the standard to adhere to.
Conduct yourself in a manner that is needed.
To find solutions and to obtain help and advice for particular scenarios.
If faced with one of the scenarios discussed in the questionnaire we can now follow it.
Cooperation Collaboration It encourages student team work
Ethics and Professionalism Ethics I was able to have a better understanding on certain ethical issues that a professional may face.
I believe it is important to have exercise such as this one where students are given different ethical dilemmas as it provided the opportunity for misconceptions or wrong ideas to be corrected.
The ethical sessions were helpful such that it cleared up some issues we could possibly face in our profession (that we never really thought about).
Stressed the ethical behaviour in clinic
Education Inclusion I recommend that the lower years have such sessions.
I would recommend even further sessions as my year group progresses and meet new challenges.
Staff and support staff should also have to abide by one.
A bigger venue is needed for ceremony.
Subtheme Coding
Sample Student Responses
Neutral Undecided
No change
I am undecided on the concept of the Honour Code.
The class has not really changed my outlook or clinical procedures.
Subtheme Coding
Sample Student Responses
Irrelevant Not beneficial
Not curriculum
The past sessions has proven to not be beneficial as it is very difficult to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning and stay nearly 2 h in traffic for a class that does not pertain to the curriculum.
The past sessions does not pertain to the curriculum.
It does not pertain to dentistry.
Recalcitrant Disinterested
I know everything already. I don’t need these sessions.
Total waste of my time.
Sessions too early.