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Table 4 Sample verbatim qualitative student feedback on the AIE-L

From: Developing a university-wide academic integrity E-learning tutorial: a Canadian case

M1 M2
Some words could have been simpler. Some words are confusing. Could be misinterpreted.
The first voice clip causes some confusion as it mentions the policy, but the actual policy is difficult to locate. Some confusing language used.
Yes, but in quiz 1 I was not used to getting so many questions with “select all that apply.” I made an error in just reading it too quickly. Most instructions were clear. There were a few spots where I was unsure what to click on but figured it out.
The major downside was the amount of links within the content. These links made it difficult to smoothly read through and understand the content. The most effective link to information was the ones that could be expanded or hidden as required. One format for navigating page would be suitable.
A little bit slow when downloaded or when to navigate to the next link.  
Didn’t like that certain parts only loaded after you scrolled down.  
Always having the written in a different form or place was a bit distracting.  
M3 M4
Though content was clear, could have been shorter. On part 2 “What will happen to me if I am suspected?” The timeline which explains the procedure helped a lot.
The styles of the text changed and so did the sizing. It wasn’t easy to adjust. Continuous scrolling made for a seamless module, better than “next page” type.
The bands to move to the next topic could be bigger/more obvious. I found them ok, but others may struggle.  
Good idea to mention there will be questions on the video so people will actually watch it.  
Just a bit confusing on how to scroll down on an iPhone.