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Table 1 Social agents among the plagiarism policy documents

From: Understanding plagiarism in Indonesia from the lens of plagiarism policy: lessons for universities

Documents Social Agents Frequency Descriptions
ANES 2003 graduates 2 Limited to those who had obtained academic degree but not those who were studying for a degree
RPMPHE 2010 lecturers 36 Used in phrase: “lecturers/researchers/staff”
Synonyms with assistant professors, associate professors and professors
students 28 -
leader(s) 16 Used synonyms: “rectors, chiefs of colleges and directors of polytechnics
senate 11 To assign ethic commission to investigate plagiarism allegation
Expose the result of investigation
Propose sanctions
ethics commissions 2 To conduct investigation
minister 7 To revoke professorship
Two Circular Letters of GDHE and a circular letter of Director of Research and Community Service Student None -
Lecturers 9 Used synonyms: assistant professors, associate professors and professors
Central assessment team 2 In charge of assessment of credit point to upgrade from associate professors to professors.
Peer Reviewers 2 Two or more professors from the same discipline of the assessed promoted professor candidature before the Central Assessment Team.
General Director of Higher Education 2 The Chair of Central assessment team
General Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture. 1 To receive professorship promotion proposal.
Validation team 1 In charge of validating proposed scholarly works required for professorship promotion
Managers of accredited journals 1 To publish their journals in Garuda Portal
DGECRI of ITB Academic community of ITB 4 To personalise faculty, researchers and students
All parties 8 To equalises the roles of faculty, researchers and students
Students and faculty 9 To indicate the absence of discrimination between students and faculty