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Table 1 Example of topic analysis

From: Collaborative case-based learning process in research ethics

Topic Task Student response SOLO level
Topic 1 1 Highlighted text: […] Project […] European project […].
Comment: ¨ What exactly is the aim of the project?¨
Topic 2 1 Highlighted text: […] Girls in their early teens […].
Comment: ¨Vulnerable group of minors; research permits; consent from the girls/parents; ensuring confidentiality ¨
Topic 1 2 Comment: ¨All the aspects of the code of conduct (e.g. Hea Teadustava; code of conduct, etc). Yes; from the internet.¨ Unistructural
Topic 2 2 Comment: ¨Yes, as they are minors thus a vulnerable group¨ Multistructural
Topic 1 3 Comment: ¨ European Code of Conduct of Research Integrity ¨ Multistructural
Topic 2 3 Comment: ¨ Can this research be published in the chosen journal? [requirements to be checked]¨ Multistructural
Topic 1 4 The students mentioned various codes of conduct, and the need to use the international codes as the project was EU guided Multistructural
Topic 2 4 The group showed some discrepancies regarding the need of informed parental consent Unistructural