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Table 4 Comparison of synonyms for medical terms generated by paraphrasing tools and iterative language translation through Google Translate™

From: Paraphrasing tools, language translation tools and plagiarism: an exploratory study

Standard nomenclature Paraphrased term Google Translate™
Aboriginal man Native fellow
Autochthonic person
Native man
Native individuals
Original man
Tribal man
Emergency Department Crisis centre
Crisis division
Crisis office
Crisis group ward
Emergency office
Emergency division
Crisis branch
Emergency branch
Erectile dysfunction (in reference to the abbreviation ED)
Education department
Emergency room
Type 1 (Diabetes Mellitus) Sort 1
Kind 1
Insulin shock Insulin stun
Insulin surprise
Patient centred care Tolerant focussed care  
Hospital Healing facility
Doctor’s facility
Healing centre
Mending office
Health professionals Wellbeing experts
Fitness experts
Health literacy Wellbeing education
Welling proficiency aptitudes
Wellbeing education abilities
Rehabilitation centre Restoration focus
Recovery fixate
Rebuilding centre
Recuperating office
Renewal centre
Restoration centre
Recovery centre
Recovery focus
Discharge summary Release rundown
Release report
Release synopsis
Discharge papers
A reference
Discharge report
Release outline
Discharge outline
Discharge precis
Release summary
Release precis
Discharge brief
Summary of the circulation
Intuitive decision making Instinctive focussed leadership
Instinctive basic leadership
Nurse Medical caretaker
Medical attendant
Ambulance Rescue vehicle
Affected person delivery
Rehabilitation Encourage treatment  
Social worker Social specialist
Public servant
Social employee
Occupational Therapist Word related authority
Word related advisor
Activity expert
CAT scan Feline output
CAT screening
Healthcare team Medicinal services group
Aid team
Diabetes Polygenic disease  
Glucose levels Aldohexose levels  
Medical record Anamnesis
Scientific facts