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Table 1 Synonyms used in essays submitted by students suspected of using paraphrasing tools

From: Paraphrasing tools, language translation tools and plagiarism: an exploratory study

Expected terminology Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
Hospital Healing facility   Healing facility
Healing centre   
Doctor’s facility Doctor’s facility  
Health professionals Human services experts Healing centre staff individuals  
Wellbeing experts   
Emergency departments Crisis office Crisis group Crisis office
Crisis division   Crisis division
   Emergency office
   Emergency division
Nurse Medical attendant Attendant Medical attendant
Nurse Unit Manager Medical attendant unit supervisor Attendant unit administrator Administration officer
Rehabilitation centre Recovery focus Recovery focus Recuperation centre
Restoration focus Restoration focus Restoration focus
Recovery fixate Recovery ward Rebuilding centre
Insulin shock Insulin stun Insulin stun Insulin stun
Health literacy Wellbeing proficiency/aptitude Wellbeing proficiency  
Health services Wellbeing administrations   Wellbeing administrations
Discharge summary Release rundown Release rundown Release rundown
  Release report Blueprint
  Release synopsis  
Junior doctor Understudy specialist Lesser specialist Lesser pro
Medical record   Medicinal record Therapeutic record
  Medicinal report Therapeutic history
Physiotherapist Restorative practitioner   
Acute hospital   Recuperation advance Recuperating office
   Mending office