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Table 2 Learning with integrity course outline

From: Promoting academic integrity through a stand-alone course in the learning management system

  Page Titles
1 Welcome to Academic Integrity
2 What do you know about Academic Integrity? [pre-test]
3 What are Academic Integrity and Misconduct?
4 How do I keep my Academic Integrity?
5 What happens if I commit Academic Misconduct?
6 Where is Academic Misconduct likely to happen?
   Scenario 1 (Violation of Course Rules) [includes brief quiz]
   Scenario 2 (Cheating) [includes brief quiz]
   Scenario 3 (Fabrication) [includes brief quiz]
   Scenario 4 (Plagiarism) [includes brief quiz]
   Scenario 5 (Facilitation) [includes brief quiz]
   Scenario 6 (Interference) [includes brief quiz]
7 What should I do if I witness Academic Misconduct?
8 My Key Takeaways
9 Post-Quiz [post-test]
10 Satisfaction Survey
11 Certificate of Completion