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Table 1 Project timeline

From: Promoting academic integrity through a stand-alone course in the learning management system

Date Event/Project Milestone
2014 February Community of Practice established
2014–2015 • Research academic integrity policies at various universities nationwide
• Research procedures on various campuses within the university
• Research procedures within units on campus
2016 • Meet with the Office of Student Conduct and Faculty Council to report findings
• Develop handouts for students and faculty about policy and procedures on academic misconduct
• Survey faculty about the importance of academic integrity on campus
• Speak with various groups on campus to determine how to best reach students
2017 July–August • Official collaboration between Community of Practice and e-learning design consultants
• Outline of the course developed using backward design (e.g., learning outcomes, presentation of materials such as videos, and assessments such as quizzes)
• Discussion of course structure including scenarios for each type of misconduct
• Start drafting scenarios
2017 September • Mock-up of site in LMS
• Scenarios writing for each type of misconduct completed
2017 November Course ready to launch as pilot
2018 January–May Course runs as pilot
2018 June–July Review of data, survey results, and faculty and student feedback to ensure course is meeting learning outcomes
2018 August • Official course launch
• Open course for first-year seminar curriculum