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Table 3 Selection methods for theses and end-of-course monographs

From: Plagiarism in five universities in Mozambique: Magnitude, detection techniques, and control measures

Institution Total theses Full theses Partial copies
  Selection method Selection method
UP 24 7 Selected by librarian 17 Systematic sample2
ISCTEM 23 0 n.a. 23 Systematic sample
UPol/ISPU 21 3 Substitution from Internet1 18 Systematic sample
USTM 25 22 Systematic sample from subset of library’s recent CDs 3 Systematic sample3
UEM linguistics 20 1 Substitution from Internet1 19 Systematic sample from dept. archives
UEM economics 12 1 Full OCR from main library 11 Entire collection from main library
UEM education 21 2 Substitution from Internet1 19 Entire collection from main library
UEM sociology 4 0 n.a. 4 Entire collection from main library
Total 150 33 n.a. 117 n.a.
  1. 1full theses or end-of-course monographs found on the Internet and substituted for the originally selected partial copies
  2. 2For systematic sampling, the number of available theses was divided by the target number of theses (±20) to calculate the desired selection interval, S (e.g., every third thesis); the first thesis to be chosen was randomly selected within that value; and then every Sth thesis was randomly selected. Upon examination, many theses were outside the target years or from other institutions and were, hence, substituted.
  3. 3 After selecting a few hardbound theses systematically, the librarian informed us that many theses were available on CDs. Thereafter the selections came from these.